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Fuego Steakhouse

Fuego serves up fine-dining eats at affordable prices—all in a sizzling atmosphere.

Dinner table with steak, potato, stuffed tomatoe and sauce.

Restaurant Info

Steak House


Mon  5 – 9 PM
Tue   5 – 9 PM
Wed 5 – 9 PM
Thu  5 – 9 PM
Fri    5 – 10 PM
Sat   5 – 10 PM
Sun  5 – 9 PM

The Best Steakhouse in Henderson

With an aesthetic that’s rustic, romantic, and as warm as they come, locals call Fuego Steakhouse one of the best restaurants in Henderson. Handcrafted cocktails, personalized service, nightly wine pairings, and a mouthwatering steakhouse menu all come together to create one of Fiesta Henderson’s most coveted dining options. Whether you’re here for a date night, a corporate dinner, or simply an incredible meal, get ready to dig into an unforgettable dining experience at the fan-favorite Fuego Steakhouse.
Close up of grilled steak, green beans and tomatoes on white plate

Mouthwatering Steaks

Each cut Fuego offers is USDA prime or choice, seasoned to perfection, and cooked to your specific preference. Whether you’re in the mood for a New York, a porterhouse, or a juicy bone-in ribeye, we’ve got just the steak to slice into. We recommend complementing any one of our fine steaks with your choice of house-made hollandaise, béarnaise, peppercorn, creamy horseradish, or garlic-cilantro steak sauce.

Incredible Seafood

While Las Vegas may be landlocked, the chefs at Fuego Steakhouse still have unprecedented access to ocean-fresh seafood delivered daily. From salmon and swordfish to crab and lobster, some of the most delectable items on the steakhouse menu at Fuego come from under-the-sea.

plate of fried fish, shrimp and calamari with a side dish of asparagus